UMEMOTO Eiji ≪Immunodynamics≫ “Nepmucin, a novel HEV sialomucin, mediates L-selectin-dependent lymphocyte rolling and promotes lymphocyte adhesion under flow”

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Publish J. Exp. Med., 203:1603-1614, 2006

Lymphocytes migrate to lymph nodes (LNs) via a specific type of blood vessels, high endothelial venules (HEVs). In this study, we identified a novel HEV-associated sialomucin, nepmucin (mucin not expressed in Peyer’s patches), that is expressed in LN HEVs, but not in Peyer’s patch HEVs. Nepmucin supported L-selectin-dependent lymphocyte rolling via its mucin-like domain upon appropriate glycosylation, and promoted lymphocyte adhesion via its Ig domain. These results suggest that nepmucin serves as a dual-functioning endothelial receptor mediating both lymphocyte rolling and binding, via different functional domains.

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