HARAGUCHI Naotsugu,DOKI Yuichiro,MORI Masaki ≪Gastroenterological Surgery≫ “CD13 is a therapeutic target in human liver cancer stem cells

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Publish J CLIN INVEST 120(9):3326-39 (2010)

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are generally dormant or slowly cycling tumor cells that have the ability to reconstitute tumors. They are thought to be involved in tumor resistance to chemo/radiation therapy and tumor relapse and progression. However, neither their existence nor their identity within many cancers has been well defined. Here, we have demonstrated that CD13 is a marker for semi-quiescent CSCs in human liver cancer cell lines and clinical samples and that targeting these cells might provide a way to treat this disease. CD13+ cells predominated in the G0 phase of the cell cycle and typically formed cellular clusters in cancer foci. Following treatment, these cells survived and were enriched along the fibrous capsule where liver cancers usually relapse.