Osaka University Nakanoshima Festival 2018

The Osaka University Faculty of Medicine held its 2018 Nakonishima Festival. The festival is mainly organized by fourth-year medical students and is intended to build camaraderie. It is also an event that invites the public to attend and learn about the School.

Prof. Toru Nakano (Stem Cell Pathology) and Asst. Prof. Shohei Koyama (Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Immunology) both gave science talks, and the students showcased their talents with music and comedy performances.

                                                                                                Prof. Nakano giving his talk.(Stem Cell Pathology


Students performing health checks. (left) Measuring bone density. (right) Respiratory tests.


Teaching medicine. (left) 3D images of the body. (right) Laparoscopic surgery simulator.


Science café by IFReC (Osaka University Immunology Frontier Research Center).
Asst. Prof. Koyama (Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Immunology) giving his talk.