Knowledge Capital School 2 : Cutting edge medical research at Osaka University

<Knowledge Capital School: Cutting edge medical research at Osaka University>

Lecture 2: Manufacturing antibodies

The Graduate School of Medicine and the Immunology Frontier Research Center held its second of four science cafés at Osaka Knowledge Capital on May 15. Immunology Frontier Research Center Associate Professor Takeshi Inoue spoke about how antibodies govern immunity.

He began by first explaining how the influenza vaccines work, then moving on to how antibodies act to form a type of immune memory and how genes regulate this memory. He also explained how by studying one’s B cells, it is possible to identify which pathogens have invaded the individual. Finally, he spoke about the design of antibodies. By teaching AI with known protein structures, it is becoming possible to predict the structures of the antibodies when the gene sequence is insufficient.

Audience members left very excited about the implications of this research for new treatments.