Knowledge Capital School 3 : Cutting edge medical research at Osaka University

<Knowledge Capital School: Cutting edge medical research at Osaka University>  

Lecture 3: Sports medicine for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Graduate School of Medicine and the Immunology Frontier Research Center held its third of four science cafés at Osaka Knowledge Capital on June 16. The talk was given by Osaka University Professor Ken Nakata, who opened the first sports medicine laboratory at a Japanese national university.

He spoke about the many injuries of the meniscus caused by sports. There are currently no effective treatments for these injuries, resulting in deficient function, and many patients go on to develop osteoarthritis. Dr. Nakata described his research on meniscus regeneration using collagen.

Athletes are keen on learning ways that will enhance their performance while also reducing the risk of injury. Dr. Nakata explained how AI and big data are being incorporated into sports medicine for this purpose. The results go beyond just athletes and offer important information for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The audience had many questions for the professor, keen on ways to live a healthier life.