Taro Takeuchi, a 5th grade medical student, was awarded at the National Statistics Data Analysis Competition


Here we are happy to announce that Mr. Taro Takeuchi, a fifth grade medical student of Osaka University Faculty of Medicine, was awarded for his excellent presentation at the 2019 National Statistics Data Analysis Competition. The award ceremony was held on November 18 at the National Olympic Youth Memorial Center in Tokyo.

The competition aims to enhance the statistical literacy of high school and university students, and is co-sponsored by the Japan Statistics Bureau, the Japan National Statistics Center, the Institute of Statistical Mathematics and the Japan Statistics Association. Using the SSDSE (Standardized Statistical Data Set for Education), a public statistics resource for data science education, participants were invited to arbitrarily analyze the data and submit a paper. Mr. Takeuchi was recognized for his study on “Determinants of population change in Japan”. The paper will be published in the journal Toukei (Statistics) by the Japan Statistics Association (in Japanese only) in this spring.

The Osaka University Faculty of Medicine has been operating the Medical Doctor (MD) Scientist Training Program; a special educational course for promoting basic medical research for medical students since 2011. Mr. Takeuchi joined the program and has been studying mainly medical statistics and epidemiology under supervision of Prof. Tomotaka Sobue, the chair of the department of Environmental Medicine and Population Sciences. This award is one of the achievements of the program.


 [Comments by Taro Takeuchi]

I am honored to have won this award. I believe the training I received in statistics and epidemiology through the MD Scientist Training Program was critical for me earning the award. I appreciate all of my mentors especially Prof. Sobue. This award really encouraged me to continue my research of combining medicine with studies in statistics and epidemiology.