Sponsored Courses

About Sponsored Courses

Sponsored Courses are – as the name suggests – sponsored by endowments made to the University by private business. Courses focus on disciplines with strong potential for practical or significant social benefit, and function to promote and enrich education and research in these areas. Sponsored Courses normally run continuously over a fixed period of time.

Universities are increasingly being required to focus their efforts on joint research projects with industry and on international research. The Graduate School of Medicine at Osaka University is no exception; indeed, in order to revitalize our education and research, and to ensure greater collaboration with our local and wider communities, we needed a core framework for the various organizations that currently collaborate in courses and research.

Sponsored Courses are one response to this kind of demand, and the Graduate School of Medicine’s first ever Sponsored Course was launched in 1993. Now, in April 2007, we have a total of 14 Sponsored Courses, where we work together with industry to improve education and research on such themes as: clinical research, the development of therapies and their clinical applications, human resource training, the construction of a support network for researchers, clinical research data management and the construction of preservation systems.

Sponsored Course teaching instructors can also provide research advice to research students and to special research students. With permission of the deputy academic advisor, instructors can also give research advice to Master’s and Doctoral students writing theses. They are also able to have students affiliated to their course.