Global Health Initiative(GHI)


Global Health Initiative (GHI) was launched in November 2015 as an initiative which integrates and manages all international activities in regards to education, research and medical care at the Faculty and Graduate School of Medicine in Osaka University (hereinafter Graduate School of Medicine) and Osaka University Hospital. Reinforcing the mutual cooperation, all staff members of the Graduate School and Hospital are given opportunity to work together so that they may pursue common goals that benefit from international academic exchange.


Answer inquiries regarding international academic exchange in the field of Medicine and Healthcare, create proposals, plan events, provide necessary support and build a network of human resources.

  • Facilitates conclusion of various kinds of agreements and memorandums.
  • Provides supports for educational programs and hospital tours for medical specialists from overseas.
  • Responds to inquiries regarding international collaboration and coordinates educational support, etc.


Message from the Director of Global Health Initiative

One of the most important missions of universities in our days is human resource development. We, therefore, assume significant accountability for fostering young and excellent human resources under diverse values to educate the next leadership generation and provide them to the society, where they will be responsible as future global leaders. To perform this task, it is necessary to cooperate and exchange ideas with various institutions operating under different values and cultures both in Japan and abroad.

Especially, in our time, where enormous information becomes readily available in a very short time, the world has been brought closer to each other – thus this implies that our activities are required to be implemented at the internationally acceptable level, not only in research but also in education and clinical practice, that is, at a “Global Standard”.
On the one hand, both Graduate School of Medicine and Osaka University Hospital have been actively promoting international exchange of students and researchers, providing medical training for medical doctors and medical services for patients from abroad, as well as steadily pushing ahead with international clinical trials, while developing necessary educational programs and the relevant systems.

On the other hand, however, many emerging challenges have been recognized along with the accelerated internationalization.
To actively meet these emerging issues, we have established four “initiatives” under four different scopes.
Global Health Initiative (GHI) is the first one, which is assigned to promote the global strategic activities.

Thereby, at GHI, several centers and offices, which are engaged in international affairs, have been functionally unified, so that education, research and medical practices – required both for medical sciences and medical services at the Graduate School of Medicine and Osaka University Hospital – can be executed as a series of necessary processes by its centralized management from a global perspective.

GHI prepares a favorable environment for all members of the Graduate School of Medicine and Osaka University Hospital to cooperate and to make their best efforts for globalization, and tries to work in a strategic and smooth manner to strengthen and enrich our international exchange activities. Although our activity of GHI is still in its infancy, we have been ensuring positive impacts day by day.

The major role of GHI is to strategically develop measures and smoothly implement them for international activities. Hereafter, looking ahead to further development and deepening of international exchange, we would like to launch our unique policies and strategies for the globalization.

(Yasufumi KANEDA, Director of Global Health Initiative)


International Collaborations

Conclusion of agreements and memorandums
  • Concluded Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Public Health, Thailand [July, 2017]
  • Concluded Memorandum of Understanding with Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Thailand [March, 2017]
  • Concluded Agreement on Academic Exchange to promote students’ academic mobility between Yonsei University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for “INTER-UNIVERSITY EXHANGE PROJECT (Campus Asia)” [February, 2017]
  • Concluded Agreement on Academic Exchange with Ministry of Health of Government of Palau. [November, 2016]
  • Concluded Agreement with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to make Osaka University a hub for educational institutions of Asian countries. [May, 2016]

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Symposiums and other events
  • Supported a symposium for “INTER-UNIVERSITY EXCHANGE PROJECT (Campus Asia)” [February, 2017]
  • Supported a symposium with Karolinska Institutet, Sweden [April, 2016]
  • Bestowed the title of Collaborative Professor to four medical professionals including Dr. Jan Tennent from Bio Research Victoria, Australia, to promote further development of international academic exchange with universities and research institutions abroad. [December, 2016]

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Educational Programs and Hospital Tours for Medical Specialists from overseas, etc.

  • Educational program for medical specialists from Philippines in the field of pediatrics [July, 2017]
Early detection and intervention for children with developmental disabilities, Discovery and analysis of a new disease (Mucoplysaccharidosis-plus syndrome),Treatment strategy for refractory epilepsy
  • Educational program for medical specialists from China in the field of diabetes [June, 2017]
Overview of medical care for diabetes, Overview of Department of Nursing Care, Overview of Division of Nutritional Management, etc.
  • Educational program for medical specialists from China in the field of diabetes [December, 2016]
Overview of medical care for diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Adiponectin, Overview of Department of Nursing Care, Overview of Division of Nutritional Management, Overview of orientation session for diabetic patients and their family members
  • Educational program for medical specialists from China in the field of gynecology [November, 2016]
Medical treatment for ovary cancer at Osaka University, Gynecological cancer and thrombus, Gynecological cancer surgery by celioscopy in Japan, Medical treatment for ovary clear cell cancer, Overview of medical care at Department of Gynecology Osaka University Hospital, Gynecological cancer and microRNA, Atocia and assisted reproductive technology (ART), Medical treatment for fetus
  • Educational program for medical specialists from China in the field of digestive system(November, 2016)
Surgery with Da Vinci surgical system for digestive organ cancer patients, Overview of endoscope center, etc.

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