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Division of Medicine


Department of Anatomy

Neuroscience and Cell Biology
Prof. Shoichi SHIMADA
Effects of exercise and experience on brain plasticity, memory and emotion
Anatomy and Neuroscience
Prof. Makoto SATO
Brain development and function
Cell Biology
Prof. Akihiro HARADA
Elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind the formation and maintenance of cell polarity
Molecular Neuroscience
Prof. Toshihide YAMASHITA
Targeting a cure for neurological diseases

Department of Physiology

Brain Physiology
Prof. Shigeru KITAZAWA
Brain science of what we can experience
Integrative Physiology
Prof. Yasushi OKAMURA
Elucidating the mechanisms of electric signaling in the body

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Prof. Akira KIKUCHI
Study of molecular signaling networks that regulate organ development, maintenance, and disruption
Medical Biochemistry
Medical chemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur within the human body to facilitate the development of medical treatments
Biological Science
Role of tight junctions in higher-order biological functions
Prof. Tamotsu YOSHIMORI
Uncovering the mysteries of autophagy

Department of Pathology

Prof. Eiichi MORII
Exploration of tumor diversity and its origin and significance
Stem Cell Pathology
Prof. Toru NAKANO
Using epigenetics to determine cell fate

Department of Pharmacology

Bio-system Pharmacology
Prof. Yoshikatsu KANAI
Study of transporters to analyze molecular functions and dynamics
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Hierarchical study of biofunctions that includes the analysis of molecules, cells, and tissues

Department of Social Medicine

Public Health
Prof. Hiroyasu ISO
Epidemiology and prevention of lifestyle diseases
Environmental Medicine and Population Sciences
Prof. Tomotaka SOBUE
Environmental medicine promote population science and commit to health policies
Legal Medicine
Prof. Hiroshi MATSUMOTO
The study of causes of death for new health and medical care
Biomedical Ethics and Public Policy
Prof. Kazuto KATO
Bioethics and medical ethics: Research on legal, ethical and societal issues for medical care

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Prof. Keiji UEDA
Going for virus control/regulation based on the global understanding from virus entry to its pathogenicity!
Immune Regulation
Prof. Kiyoshi TAKEDA
Study of the etiology and pathogenesis of intractable immune diseases
Immunology and Cell Biology
Prof. Masaru ISHII
The immune system: a dynamic network connecting organs and tissues to maintain the integrity of a living organism
Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Immunology
Prof. Takashi NAGASAWA
Elucidation of the physiology and pathology of the microenvironment (niche) that maintains and regulates hematopoietic stem cells and immune cells in the bone marrow
Innate Immune Systems
Prof. Kazuyo MORO
Study of type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2) and their role in allergies and other type 2 immune diseases

Department of Genome Biology

Gene Therapy Science
Prof. Yasufumi KANEDA
From the bench to the clinic, and the clinic to the bench
RNA Biology and Neuroscience
Prof. Yukio KAWAHARA
Deepening RNA biology research for the elucidation of neurogenerative diseases
Statistical Genetics
Prof. Yukinori OKADA
Human genome data for the study of disease pathology and drug discovery
Cancer Genome Informatics
Prof. Shinichi YACHIDA
Cancer and the cancer genome

Department of Health and Sport Sciences

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
Prof. Hiromichi SATO
Cognition and behavior – Exploring human functional neuroanatomy and the mechanism of visual motor control in animals
Biomechanics and Motor Control
Improve performance and prevent exercise-related injuries
Medicine for Sports and Performing Arts
Prof. Ken NAKATA
Medical research on health, sports and physical performance

Department of Internal Medicine

Cardiovascular Medicine
Prof. Yasushi SAKATA
Deliver new cardiovascular medical services from Osaka to patients around the world
Metabolic Medicine
Prof. Iichiro SHIMOMURA
Targeting endocrine and metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity.
Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Immunology
Prof. Atsushi KUMANOGOH
Development of clinical medicine and human resources and research that contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and treatments
Geriatric and General Medicine
Prof. Hiromi RAKUGI
New medical approaches for healthy longevity
Hematology and Oncology
Prof. Naoki HOSEN
Elucidation of the pathology of blood diseases and development of novel therapeutic treatments, with the aim to integrate basic research with state-of-the-art medical care
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Prof. Tetsuo TAKEHARA
Integration of basic and clinical research and innovative gastroenterology and hepatology
Prof. Yoshitaka ISAKA
Through integration of basic research and clinical research, we aim to develop new therapeutic options for patients with kidney disease, improving prognosis and quality of life
Laboratory Medicine
Innovation in disease concepts using novel diagnostic methods

Department of Integrated Medicine

Prof. Hideki MOCHIZUKI
Basic and clinical research on neuromuscular disease
Prof. Manabu IKEDA
Multilateral research to study mental health and develop related therapies
Prof. Keiichi OZONO
Cures for intractable diseases
Prof. Manabu FUJIMOTO
Pathology of intractable skin diseases and new diagnostics and treatments
Biomedical Statistics
Prof. Satoshi HATTORI
Statistical and mathematical methods for medical research
Medical Informatics
Prof. Yasushi MATSUMURA
Evolution of medical databases to medical artificial intelligence (AI)

Department of Radiology

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Prof. Noriyuki TOMIYAMA
Advanced imaging research
Radiation Oncology
Prof. Kazuhiko OGAWA
Radiation Oncology (Radiotherapy, Medical Physiscs, Radiation Biology)

Department of Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery
Prof. Yoshiki SAWA
Next generation cardiovascular surgery through basic research, clinical therapies and education
General Thoracic Surgery
Innovations in thoracic surgery
Gastroenterological Surgery
Prof. Hidetoshi EGUCHI
Characterizing cancer for future treatment and control
Gastroenterological Surgery
Prof. Yuichiro DOKI
Innovations for gastrointestinal surgery
Breast and Endocrine Surgery
Personalized medicine for breast cancer: development and practical application of molecular diagnostic methods
Pediatric Surgery
Prof. Hiroomi OKUYAMA
Pediatric surgery pursuing minimally invasive and proper growth

Department of Acute Critical Medicine

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Prof. Yuji FUJINO
All roads lead to anesthesiology
Traumatology and Acute Critical Medicine
Prof. Takeshi SHIMAZU
A new era of emergency medicine

Department of Organ Regulation Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery
A comprehensive and innovative approach towards disease treatment and improvement of quality of life
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Prof. Tadashi KIMURA
Search for the female lifecycle (pregnancy, aging and cancer)
Prof. Norio NONOMURA
Urology research on a wide range of basic and clinically topics
Plastic Surgery
Prof. Tateki KUBO
Surgical techniques and research for the restoration of damaged forms and functions of the body and the enhancement of beauty

Department of Neural and Sensory Organ Surgery

Prof. Kohji NISHIDA
Prof. Haruhiko KISHIMA
Doing one’s best

Specific Chair

Global and Innovative Medicine
Specially Appointed Associate.Prof. Daisaku NAKATANI
Human resources for global and future medical needs

Special Collaborating Institutes

Department of Pharmaceutical Information

Hospital Pharmacy
Prof.Masahiro OKUDA
Precision medicine through drug developement and establishing dosage regimen

Department of Infection Control and Prevention

Infection Control and Prevention
Prof. Kazunori TOMONO
Comprehensive reserch on Antimicrobial Resistance

Collaborating Institutes

Department of Integral Function

Integral Function
(Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University)
Laboratory Animal Science
(Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences) Assoc.Prof. Kazuki NAKAO
New animal models through genome editing

Department of Host Defense

Host Defense
(Research Institute for Microbial Diseases,Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences,Immunology Frontier Research Center)

Department of Health Promotion Medicine

Health Promotion Medicine
(Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Health Care Center)

Department of Bioregulation and Cellular Response

Bioregulation and Cellular Response
(Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies)Prof. Shinichiro NAKADA

Affiliate Graduate School

Department of Systems Biology

RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research

Endowed Chair

Cancer Immunotherapy
Akihiro TSUBOI ( Endowed Chair Professor )
Basic and clinical cancer research
Clinical Gene Therapy
Ryuichi MORISHITA ( Endowed Chair Professor )
Development of breakthrough treatment for intractable diseases and practice of translational research
Vision Informatics (TOPCON)
Ryo KAWASAKI (Endowed Chair Professor )
Applying hospital pharmacology to clinical pharmacology
Advanced Technology for Transplantation
Naotsugu ICHIMARU ( Endowed Chair Associate Professor )
Kidney failure and transplantation
Regenerative Dermatology
Mika TERAO ( Endowed Chair Associate Professor )
Hair follicles are the only adult cells that repeatedly die and regenerate through one’s lifetime.
Orthopedic Biomaterial Science
Kazuomi SUGAMOTO ( Endowed Chair Professor )
Development of artificial joints and computerized surgical systems for the hip joint
Orthopaedic Medical Engineering
Nobuhiko SUGANO (Endowed Chair Professor)
Development of artificial joints and computerized surgical systems for the hip joint
Molecular Imaging in Medicine
Eku SHIMOSEGAWA (Endowed Chair Professor)
From the preclinic to the clinic 〜 Promote drug development through biological imaging
Stem Cell Therapy Science
Katsuto TAMAI (Endowed Chair Professor)
Stem cell regeneration-inducing medicine: Medical science for understanding stem cell maintenance mechanism in vivo
Metabolism and Atherosclerosis
Norikazu MAEDA (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Basic and clinical research of lifestyle diseases and atherosclerosis
Frontier Science for Cancer and Chemotherapy
Tarou SATOH (Endowed Chair Professor)
New cancer therapies and drugs by using the Osaka University network
Community Medicine
Shinichi KISO (Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
Community medical care revitilization
Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Medicine
Toru KURATANI (Endowed Chair Professor)
Welcome to new era of minimally invasive cardiovascular treatments
Stem Cell and Applied Medicine
Ryuhei HAYASHI (Endowed Chair Professor)
Stem cell technology and its application to regenerative medicine
Advanced Device Medicine
Hirokazu SAKAGUCHI (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
From Japan to the world -Development and distribution of innovative medical devices using cutting-edge materials and technologies-
Medical Therapeutics for Heart Failure
Shuichiro HIGO (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Disease study using clinical data and biological specimens for new treatments
Surgical Therapeutics for Heart Failure
Yasushi YOSHIKAWA (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Heart transplants, artificial hearts and other methods to treat heart failure
Therapeutics for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Tsunekazu MIZUSHIMA (Endowed Chair Professor)
Inflammatory bowel disease: new treatments and understanding of etiology
Diabetes Care Medicine
Junji KOZAWA (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Personalized medicine for diabetes based on pathology and comorbidity of individual patients
Health Development and Medicine
Hironori NAKAGAMI (Endowed Chair Professor)
Vaccines for lifestyle diseases like hypertension
Carbon Ion Radiotherapy
Osamu SUZUKI (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Doing science on accelerated heavy ions curing cancer
Yoshitaka NAGAI (Endowed Chair Professor)
Interdisciplinary approach to target intractable neurodegenerative diseases and dementia
Cardiology for International Education and Research
Satoru SUMITSUJI (Endowed Chair Professor)
Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Treatments
Adipose Management
Atsunori FUKUHARA (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Studying adipocytes and adipocytokines to understand the onset mechanism of metabolic syndrome
Innovative Visual Science
Kazuichi MARUYAMA (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Innovative techniques for basic and clinical research of the eye
Inter-Organ Communication Research in Kidney Disease
Yuusuke SAKAGUCHI (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
To Reveal the Inter-Organ Communication in Kidney disease
Precision Medicine for Dementia
Takashi MORIHARA (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)
Evolving from intuitive medicine to precision medicine
Advanced visual neuroscience
Takeshi MORIMOTO (Endowed Chair Associate Professor)

Joint Research Chair

Immunology and Molecular Medicine
S.A.Prof. Toshihiko TOYOFUKU
Development of intracellular metabolic regulation techniques for cell quality
Frontier Research in Tumor Immunology
S.A.AProf. Naganari OOKURA
Tumor immunity: the study of tumor immune responses by bioinfomatics
Clinical Research in Tumor Immunology
S.A.Prof. Hisashi WADA
Cancer immunity
Medical Data Science
S.A.Prof. Hideshi ISHII
Molecular profiling of tumors to develop innovative personalized medicine and novel therapeutics
Ocular Immunology and Regenerative Medicine
S.A.A.Prof. Satoshi KAWASAKI
Elucidation of the involvement of chronic inflammation during the pathogenic processes of various ophthalmic diseases and the creation of treatments
Neuromodulation and Neurosurgery
S.A.Prof. Youichi SAITO
Neuromodulation 〜 the regeneration of brain functions
Genome Informatics
S.A.Prof. Akihiro NAKAYA
AI system based on medical informatics and genome information
Translational Cell Therapy
S.A.A.Prof. Kenichi WATANABE
Cellular transplantation medicine
Device Application for Molecular Therapeutics
S.A.A.Prof. Kunihiko YAMASHITA
Using “impulse science” for the development of new therapies
Advanced Stem Cell Therapy
S.A.A.Prof.Daisuke MORI
Regenerative medicine from the basic to clinical level
Vascular Regeneration and Podiatry
S.A.Prof. Takashi SHIBUYA
Regenerative medicine for heart disease
Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine
S.A.Prof. Jong-kook,LEE
Stem Cell Based Drug Discovery and Regeneration Therapy
S.A.A.Prof. Li LIU
Clinical application of drugs for cardiac remodeling
Frontier of Regenerative Medicine
S.A.Prof. Shigeru MIYAGAWA
Regenerative medicine for the heart using iPS cells
Biodesign for Healthcare Innovation
S.A.Prof. Kenji YAMADA
Innovation for Healthcare device
Advanced Hybrid Medicine
S.A.Prof. Keisuke HAGIHARA
Invention of new therapies by integrating traditional medicine and modern medicine
Cell Design for Tissue Construction
S.A.A.Prof. Itsunari MINAMI
Basic research for cell differentiation and tissue constuction towards clinical application
Environmental Space Infection control
S.A.Prof. Sachiko EZOE
Development of spatial infection management
Urological Immuno-oncology
S.A.A.Prof Motohide UEMURA
Using omics to find biomarkers for immune checkpoint inhibitors
Clinical Genomics
S.A.Prof. Daichi MAEDA
Clinical implementation of advanced genomic medicine
Thermo-Therapeutics for Vascular Dysfunction
S.A.Prof.Yoshihito SHIMA
Novel therapies for peripheral blood flow disorders and their mechanisms of action
Future Diagnostic Radiology
Create new clinical values from medical imaging
Neuro-Medical Science
S.A.A.Prof. Takahide ITOKAZU
New drugs for refractory neurological diseases through translational research
Biostatistics and Data Science
S.A.Prof. Eisuke HIDA
Building new clinical evidence by integrating clinical trial data and real world data (RWD)
Stem Cell Gene Therapy Science
S.A.A.Prof. Yasushi KIKUCHI
Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine
S.A.A.Prof. Kousuke EBINA
Sports Medical Science
S.A.Prof. Hiroyuki TANAKA
Sports Medical Biomechanics
S.A.Prof. Tatsuo MAE


Division of Health Sciences