Endowed Chair

Surgical Therapeutics for Heart Failure

Heart transplants, artificial hearts and other methods to treat heart failure
  • Destination Therapy research as complementary to heart transplants
  • Bridge-to-transplantation research
  • Bridge-to-recovery research for removal of artificial hearts
  • Use of myoblast sheets to treat heart failure
  • Application of iPS cells for severe heart failure

Treatment strategies for heart failure

New artificial heart systems and heart transplantation methods have been instrumental in treating patients with heart failure around the world. Regenerative medicine is also expected to lead to new treatments and cures. The Osaka University School of Medicine Department of Cardiovascular Surgery is a global leader in heart therapies. One example is our work on destination therapy, which is provided to patients who are not candidates for heart transplants. Besides conducting destination therapy research, we are consider approaches that will make destination therapy widely available through insurance.

We are also the first group in Japan to receive approval for the clinical application of myoblast sheets as a form of regenerative medicine to treat heart failure. The resulting heart sheet product is covered by Japanese health insurance, and clinical trials are ongoing at the university hospital.

These options provide alternatives to heart transplantation are expected to grow in popularity. They also provide a new challenge for best patient care.

Thus, we are conducting research that brings these options, including destination therapy, regenerative medicine, and heart transplant together for a comprehensive treatment strategy.