Endowed Chair

Medical Therapeutics for Heart Failure

Disease study using clinical data and biological specimens for new treatments
  • Genome editing for new treatments against cardiovascular diseases
  • New cardiovascular treatments through patient iPS cells
  • High-speed sequencing and genome technology for the identification of genes associated with cardiovascular disease


Integration of new technologies using clinical research for novel therapies

Many cases of severe heart failure, especially in the young, are idiopathic and resistant to treatment, leaving little option but heart transplantation, for which there is serious donor shortage. The Osaka University School of Medicine Hospital is renowned for its heart transplant center. Patients from all across Japan receive medical treatment here. The center is also recognized for its study of cardiovascular pathologies and innovative therapeutic methods. Examples include:

• High-speed sequencers for analysis of the patient genome
• Patient iPS cells for cell disease models
• New clinical data
• Use of CRISPR/Cas9 genomic editing for new therapies
• Search for new molecular targets for the study of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure
• Elucidation of the pathology and new treatments for pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular heart failure

By analyzing clinical information and biological samples of patients using cutting-edge technology, we are developing new insights on the pathology and therapy of heart failure. A foundation of this research is elucidating the molecular mechanisms responsible. We also work closely with other groups in cardiovascular medicine and surgery at Osaka University.

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