Joint Research Chair

Impulse Science for Medicine

Using “impulse science” for the development of new therapies
  • A new branch of medical science, “impulse science” for innovative therapies
  • New drug delivery systems from innovative drug design technologies
  • Industry collaborations to use “impulse science” in the medical sciences

A new branch of medical science, “impulse science”, for innovative therapies

Our laboratory is working with Daicel Corporation to engineer devices using impulse science for the development of new therapeutics. These therapeutics are expected to serve intractable diseases and enable less invasive and more precise drug administration than current methods. This is an innovative approach that we anticipate will have wide application to lifestyle diseases, infectious diseases, cancer and so on.

To achieve this medical innovation, a major aspect of our laboratory is its commitment to industry collaborations in several fields such as medicine, pharmacology, engineering. This effort will advance clinical application and contribute to the early-stage commercialization of medical products. <Figure>