Joint Research Chair

Future Diagnostic Radiology

Create new clinical values from medical imaging
  • MRI- and CT-based multiparametric imaging for diagnosis and treatment biomakers
  • Develop the MRI and analysis methods to evaluate brain function
  • New medical imaging method for the era of big data
  • New diagnostic imaging based on ultra high resolution CT

CT and MRI imaging for new imaging method and quantitative evaluation

CT and MRI technology is constantly advancing, acquiring more big data and details of the human body. In the past, only anatomical data could be acquired, but with the recent advances, functional data such as blood flow, brain function, etc, can now be obtained. To assess these functions, quantitative imaging is essential and is being used to predict the pathological condition and assist in the treatment strategy. However, advanced analysis results vary between imaging software and equipment. Further, for all the brand-new imaging technologies, many have remained at the research level and have not been applied to clinical use.