Joint Research Chair

Environmental Space Infection control

Development of spatial infection management
  • Evaluting safety and effectiveness of disinfectants such as low-concentration chlorine dioxide gas
  • Spatial infection management in regenerative medicine

Validation and management techniques for various infections such as free-floating bacteria and microorganisms


The management of infection has challenged medicine since ancient times. Our laboratory seeks a new strategy for this management by investigating disinfectants with safe and effective properties.


We are developing techniques using low-concentration disinfectants to suppress the growth of microorganisms and other infectious bodies in cell cultures without damaging cells used in regenerative medicine. Further development will be made with aim to minimize the spread of infection in hospital wards.
In addition, we are investigating methods to disinfect cell culture rooms, operating rooms, transplant wards, etc. One focus is the benefits of low-concentration chlorine dioxide in a CO2 incubator. We are also looking at ways to keep clean rooms disinfected.