Joint Research Chair

Sports Medical Science

Regenerative medicine with sports and health epidemiology
  • Study of responses by locomotive organs to physical stimulation
  • Study of responses to physical stimulation following damage to peripheral nerves
  • Development of new regenerative medicine for locomotive organ diseases
  • Research on the development and maintenance of disorders caused by sports injuries

Regenerative medicine and sports and health epidemiology for better conditioning and maintenance of locomotive organs and tissues

 The benefits of sports and exercise on health and aging are well established. Indeed, sports appear to have a regenerative effect on our muscles, bones and nerves. We are conducting basic research to understand these properties in more detail to improve health through sports. One focus is the use of sports epidemiology, which compared with other research topics in the field remains immature. We are conducting research that combines analysis of the regenerative effects of muscle with sports epidemiology and ways to apply these findings to different populations.