Joint Research Chair

Frontier Research in Tumor Immunology

Tumor immunity: the study of tumor immune responses by bioinfomatics
  • Genome and epigenome analysis by bioinformatics
  • Mechanism of the immunosuppression by regulatory T cells (Treg)
  • Markers for tumor-infiltrating Treg

Finding new targets to regulate tumor immunity using bioinfomatics

Cancer immunotherapy would have a great potential for eliminating tumors; however, it has still not demonstrated sufficient clinical effects. One reason is that regulatory T cells (Tregs), which are classified as a T cell subpopulation aiming immunosuppression, infiltrarte into tumors and neutralize the anti-tumor effects by other immune cells. Therefore, to improve cancer immunotherapy, we are studying the molecular mechanism by which Tregs exert immunosuppressive responses in tumors, and searching for molecules that can regulate Treg activity or act as markers to remove Treg cells from the tumor environment. From these efforts, we aim to develop effective cancer immunotherapies that exert a maximal antitumor immune response.

Identification of candidate molecules for controlling Treg activity