Specific Chair

Global and Innovative Medicine

Human resources for global and future medical needs

Osaka University established the Department of Medical Innovation Department to promote the development of drugs, medical devices, and regenerative medicine being done at the University Hospital. In 2013, the Center for Global health was established with the purpose of promoting the above overseas. As an example, it has formed an academic agreement with Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar. Similar agreements with overseas organizations are ongoing. Ultimately, the aim of these agreements is to advance medical innovation globally.

Besides agreements, this advancement depends on human resources For example, medical interpreters are essential for international medical care, but these people must do more than simply translate words. They must also convey patient’s physical and psychological conditions. Likewise, experts in the law and economics of medical care are required.

In addition, we are developing undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare our students for future global health. This program is not limited to just students in the medical fields, we our encouraging those studying the liberal arts and natural sciences to also enroll. The program is intended to both train experts who can handle the unique challenges of global health and enable the spread of Japanese medical knowledge and technology.