About the Graduate School

Message from the Dean

M.D., Ph.D.
KANEDA Yasufumi

Founded in 1931, the Osaka University School of Medicine has established itself as a leader in medical undergraduate and graduate education. The School is committed to producing excellent scientists and clinicians, with a history of great discoveries for new cures and concepts in the medical and life sciences. We are constantly adapting our educational program to sustain this proud success.

Most importantly, our mission is to educate medical researchers and clinical doctors in the next generation based on our advanced research activities. We consider that research activities are originally supported by our naïve curiosity about health and disease, but we must also prove the curiosity through scientific experiments. Because we are committed to developing new diagnostic methods and therapeutic technologies, we put a large emphasis on experiments using human samples and data through clinical trials. When our research finally rescues many patients, we feel that our mission is completed. We believe that this is the final goal of medical science.

The Graduate School of Medicine includes a large range of specialized fields. Small research which is started in one special field grows up, covers various fields through collaborations and creates the trend of science. We should bring up such a research by providing an academic environment.

As the Dean, I aim to create an academic atmosphere that cultivates researches based on original ideas and supports talented researchers as torchbearers for future science in the world.