About the Graduate School

Message from the Dean

M.D., Ph.D.
Eiichi MORII

Founded in 1931 as a faculty of the Imperial University, the Osaka University School of Medicine has steadily developed as a leader in medical undergraduate and graduate education. The School has demonstrated their commitment to educating many excellent medical professionals and life science researchers. The goals envisaged by the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine are to develop excellent human resources who will become leaders in medicine and thereby contribute to the continuing development of medical and life science. To achieve these goals, it is important to continuously provide a forward-looking education and promote research activities towards the future that cultivate the resources leading to future generations.

Presently, medicine has been evolving at a pace unimaginable and incomparable to the past, which is seen in the trends for innovative changes in treatment methods and the application of a variety of different innovations in medical practice. One of the distinctive advantages offered by Osaka University is the capacity to create innovation. Innovation cannot be achieved instantaneously upon the wish to accept such challenges—innovation can only essentially be achieved through the accumulation of consistent research efforts and frank discussions from multifaceted perspectives. Innovation often originates from the links between simply unappreciated information. Osaka University will strive to create a place where individuals can share differing opinions in open discussions and where some activities for innovation are available to the public. Of paramount importance is the creation of an environment that allows for the continuation of daily research projects, particularly transformative human research leading to medical innovations and research that can be implemented in society and medical practice. We will vigorously work towards the establishment of such an environment.

One of the significant elements in implementing our research in society and medical practice is materialization of new issues unforeseen until such implementation. These issues are fed back to the field of research to present the challenge for new ideas to overcome any issues: this research ecosystem provides the ideal structure for contributing to the development of medical research. The Graduate School of Medicine is an ensemble of expertise that offers the advantage of specialties and diversity. By capitalizing on this advantage, we are committed to contributing our best efforts to allow active transformative research and to promote human resources that can achieve the research goals.