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The Japanese College of Laboraotory Animal medicine (JCLAM) advances the humane care and responsible use of laboratory animals for the advancement of biomedical science for human welfare through certification of veterinary specialists, professional development, education and research. The Japanese College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (JCLAM)
  • Establishes standards of education, training, experience and expertise necessary to become qualified as a specialist and recognizes that achievement through board certification.
  • Actively promotes the advancement of knowledge in this field through professional continuing education activities, the development of educational materials and the conduct of research in laboratory animal medicine and science.
  • Fosters the recognition of its members who contribute to human and animal health improvements by being the leaders of the veterinary medical specialty known as laboratory animal medicine.
  •  Contributes to international advancement of biomedical science through as a member college of the International Association of Colleges of Laboratory Animal Medicine (IACLAM)
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