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  • Nakanishi, T., Fujita, Y. and Yamashita, T. (2019) Neuropilin-1-mediated pruning of corticospinal tract fibers is required for motor recovery after spinal cord injury. Cell Death Dis. 10, 67.
  • Nakagawa, H., Ninomiya, T., Yamashita, T. and Takada, M. (2019) Treatment with the neutralizing antibody against repulsive guidance molecule-a promotes recovery from impaired manual dexterity in a primate model of spinal cord injury. Cereb Cortex 29, 561-572.
  • Hosomi, S., Koyama, Y., Watabe, T., Ohnishi, M., Ogura, H., Yamashita, T. and Shimazu, T. (2019) Myeloid-derived suppressor cells infiltrate the brain and suppress neuroinflammation in a mouse model of focal traumatic brain injury. Neuroscience 406, 457-466.
  • Yamashita, T. (2019) Neogenin is a determining factor for regenerating neurons following spinal cord injury. Neurosci.
  • Tanabe, S. and Yamashita, T. (2019) Function of lymphocytes in oligodendrocyte development. Neuroscientist
  • Araki, T and Yamashita, T. (2019) Mechanism of neuroaxonal degeneration: from molecular signaling to therapeutic applications. Neurosci. Res. 139, 1-2.
  • Tanabe, S. and Yamashita, T. (2019) B lymphocytes: crucial contributors to brain development and neurological diseases. Neurosci. Res. 139, 37-41.
  • 山下俊英: 中枢神経回路の修復機構と生体システム連関、実験医学増刊号「臓器連環による動的恒常性とその破綻 〜疾患発祥のメカニズムに迫る!」、羊土社、37, 1205-1211, 2019
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  • Tanabe, S. and Yamashita, T. (2018) B-1a lymphocytes promote oligodendrogenesis during brain development. Nat. Neurosci.21, 506-516.
    田辺章悟、山下俊英:B-1a細胞は脳発達期においてオリゴデンドロサイトの成熟を促進する、ライフサイエンス 新着論文レビュー、2018
  • Kawakami, Y., Kurihara, Y., Saito, Y., Fujita, Y., Yamashita, T. and Takei, K. (2018) The soluble form of LOTUS inhibits Nogo receptor-mediated signaling by interfering with the interaction between Nogo receptor type 1 and p75 neurotrophin receptor. J. Neurosci. 38, 2589-2604.
  • Zhang, S., Fujita, Y., Matsuzaki, R. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Class I histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor CI-994 promotes functional recovery following spinal cord injury. Cell Death Dis. 9,460.
  • Tanabe, S., Fujita, Y., Ikuma, K. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Inhibiting
    repulsive guidance molecule A suppresses secondary progression in mouse
    models of multiple sclerosis. Cell Death Dis. 9, 1061.
  • Lin, H., Muramatsu, R., Maedera, N., Tsunematsu, H., Hamaguchi, M., Koyama, Y., Kuroda, M., Ono, K., Sawada, M. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Extracellular lactate dehydrogenase A release from damaged neurons drives central nervous system angiogenesis. EBiomedicine 27, 71-85. 
  • Harada, K., Fujita, Y., Okuno, T., Tanabe, S., Koyama, Y., Mochizuki, H. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Inhibition of RGM alleviates symptoms in a rat model of neuromyelitis optica. Sci. Rep. 8, 34.
  • Nishibe, M., Katsuyama, Y. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Developmental abnormality contributes to cortex-dependent motor impairments and higher intracortical current requirement in the reeler homozygous mutants. Brain Structure and Function
  • Csoka, B., Nemeth, Z., Szabo, I., Davies, D., Varga, Z., Paloczi, J., Falzoni, S., Virgilio, F. D., Muramatsu, R., Yamashita, T., Pacher, P and Hasko, G. (2018) Macrophage P2X4 receptors augment bacterial killing and protect against sepsis. JCI Insight 3, e99431.
  • Abe, Y., Honsho, M.,Kawaguchi, R., Itoh, R., Fujitani, M., Fujiwara, K.,
    Hirokane, M., Matsuzaki,T., Nakayama, K., Muratani, T., Nakayama, K.I.,
    Yamashita, T. and Fujiki, Y. (2018) Peroxisome biogenesis deficiency
    attenuates the BDNF-TrkB pathway-mediated development of cerebellum. Life Sci. Alliance 1, e201800062.
  • Fukunaga, T., Fujita, Y., Kishima, H. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Methylation
    dependent down-regulation of G0S2 leads to suppression of invasion and improved prognosis of IDH1-mutant glioma. PLoS ONE 13, e0206552.
  • Nakasone, A., Muramatsu, R., Kato, Y., Kawahara, Y. and Yamashita, T. (2018) Myotube-derived factor promotes oligodendrocyte precursor cell proliferation. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 500, 609-613.
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  • Tanabe, S. and Yamashita, T. (2018) The role of immune cells in brain development and neurodevelopmental diseases. Int. Immunol. 30, 437-444.
  • 山下俊英:中枢神経回路の修復、脳卒中病態学のススメ、南山堂、p26-28, 2018
  • 藤田幸、山下俊英:多発性硬化症における動物モデルの作製手法、最新の疾患/動物モデルの作成技術と病態解析,医薬品開発への応用、最新のゲノム編集/iPS細胞を含めた〜動物/疾患モデルの作成技術・病態解析・評価手法、株式会社 技術情報協会.
  • 藤田幸、山下俊英:多発性硬化症の最新メカニズム,創薬への応用と動物試験の評価指標、最新の疾患/動物モデルの作成技術と病態解析,医薬品開発への応用、最新のゲノム編集/iPS細胞を含めた〜動物/疾患モデルの作成技術・病態解析・評価手法、株式会社 技術情報協会.
  • 山下俊英:中枢神経回路の障害と修復を制御する生体システム、炎症と免疫、先端医学社、26: 171-174, 2018
  • 山下俊英:中枢神経回路の修復を制御する生体システム、関西実験動物研究会会報、39, 6-8,2018
  • 山下俊英: 中枢神経回路の修復を制御する生体システム、医学のあゆみ、266: 294-295, 2018
  • 村松里衣子、山下俊英: 中枢神経系の修復における多臓器連関の意義、生化学、日本生化学会、90: 499-501, 2018
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  • Fujitani, M., Zhang, S., Fujiki, R., Fujihara, Y. and Yamashita, T. (2017) A chromosome 16p13.11 microduplication causes hyperactivity through dysregulation of miR-484/protocadherin-19 signaling. Mol. Psychiatry 22, 364-374.
  • Kuroda, M., Muramatsu, R., Maedera, N., Koyama, Y., Hamaguchi, M., Fujimura, H., Yoshida, M., Konishi, M., Itoh, N., Mochizuki, H. and Yamashita, T. (2017) Peripherally derived FGF21 promotes remyelination in the central nervous system. J. Clin. Invest.
    https://resou.osaka-u.ac.jp/ja/research/2017/20170822_1               大阪大学/JSTからのプレスリリース        http://www.jst.go.jp/pr/announce/20170822-3/index.html
  • Fujita, Y., Masuda, K., Bando, M., Nakato, R., Katou, Y., Tanaka, T., Nakayama, M., Takao, K., Miyakawa, T., Tanaka, T., Ago, Y., Hashimoto, H., Shirahige, K. and Yamashita, T.(2017) Decreased cohesin in the brain leads to defective synapse development and anxiety-related behavior. J. Exp. Med.214, 1431-1452.
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  • 山下俊英: 痛みをなくすことはできるのか?-疼痛関連因子“ネトリン”の発見、academist Journal, 2017.
  • 濱口真慈、村松里衣子、山下俊英:ミエリン、脳内環境辞典、88-89, 2017
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  • Hayano, Y., Takasu, K., Koyama, Y., Ogawa, K., Minami, K., Asaki, T., Kitada, K., Kuwabara, S. and Yamashita, T. (2016) Dorsal horn interneuron-derived Netrin-4 contributes to spinal sensitization in chronic pain via Unc5B. J. Exp. Med.213, 2949-2966.
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  • 山下俊英: 脊髄損傷後のリハビリテーション効果のメカニズム、Clinical Neuroscience、34:,242-243, 2016
  • 鈴木一博、山下俊英、熊ノ郷淳: 見えてきた!? 神経・免疫クロストーク、最新医学、最新医学社、71: 161-170, 2016
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  • 山下俊英: 神経疾患と慢性炎症、最新医学、71:, 2309-2313,2016
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  • 山下俊英: 神経炎症と神経・免疫クロストーク—神経炎症と神経再生をつなぐ分子—、感染・炎症・免疫、羊土社、44: , 2015
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  • 山下俊英: 網膜の炎症とミクログリア、Clinical Neuroscience、33:, 2015
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  • 山下俊英: 網膜における慢性炎症、脳21、金芳堂、17: 2014
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