Integrative Physiology
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Research theme

Elucidating the mechanisms of electric signaling in the body

June 8, 2017
A new research article by Dr. Kawai (Assistant Prof.), entitled "Unconventional role of voltage-gated proton channels (VSOP/Hv1) in regulation of microglial ROS production.", has been accepted for publication in Journal of Neurochemistry
June 7, 2017
A new research article by Mr. Ratanayotha (PhD Student), entitled "Molecular and functional characterization of the voltage-gated proton channel in zebrafish neutrophils", has been accepted for publication in Physiological Reports
May 15 - 19, 2017
Prof. Okamura was invited to give a special lecture at Cold Spring Harbor Conference Asia(Suzhou, China).
April 16, 2017
Medical Students from Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University, under the supervision of Prof. Okamura, won Championship of "Physiological Quiz in Japan (PQJ) 2017".
April 11, 2017
Prof. Maximilian Ulbrich visited our laboratory and gave a special lecture at Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University.

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