Laboratory of Psychopathology and Psychotherapy


Yoichi Inoue
Professor(external interlock...Health Care Center): Psychiatrist
Masayuki Ogasawara
Lecturer: Psychiatrist
Tomoko Fukunaga
Lecturer: Clinical Psychologist
Yuko Kawaguchi
Assistant: Clinical Psychologist
Naoko Takeuchi
Assistant: Clinical Psychologist
Kana Matsuura
Assistant: Clinical Psychologist

Clinical activities and studies

Our special clinic for adolescence has the history of 42 years since its establishment. In the clinic, we treat various disorders or situations such as schizophrenia, eating disorder, anxiety disorder, dissociative disorder or school refusal, that can not be treated with pharmacotherapy alone.

Clinical psychologists perform psychological tests, individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy (SST for outpatients, music therapy and art therapy for inpatients) at the request of psychiatrists.

Our concern is not limited in traditional psychopathology. We also aim at facing the mind through approaches including psychotherapy and projective methods.

Our fundamental attitude is to investigate essential understanding of psychopathology and psychotherapy through each clinical case, without losing sight of awareness of the invisible mind.

We appreciate not only the existing concepts but also the fields that have not been conceptualized yet, considering the verification of validity of the existing concepts themselves.

Main papers

  • Electrogastrography abnormality in eating disorders.
    Ogawa A, Mizuta I, Fukunaga T, Takeuchi N, Honaga E, Sugita Y, Mikami A, Inoue Y and Takeda M.
    Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 58:300-310, 2004.
  • The Prevalence of Traumatic Events in Young Japanese Women.
    Mizuta I, Ikuno T, Shimai S, Hirotsune H, Ogasawara M, Ogawa A, Honaga E and Inoue Y.
    Journal of Traumatic Stress, 18(1):33-37, 2005
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