Yuki KATOPh.D.
Assistant Professor
1: Department of RNA Biology and Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University
2: Integrated Frontier Research for Medical Science Division, Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives, Osaka University
2-2 Yamada-oka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
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Academic Activities


Program Committees and Others


  1. 2011 IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award (March 2012)
  2. 2009 Oxford Journals - Japanese Society for Bioinformatics Prize (GIW2009 Best Poster Award) (December 2009)
  3. 2006 SIGBIO Best Paper Award (December 2008)
  4. 2007 IPSJ Best Paper Award (May 2008)
  5. 2006 IPSJ Digital Courier Funai Young Researcher Encouragement Award (March 2007)

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