The Consortium of Universities and Institutions in Japan(CUIJ)

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Tracer Kinetics, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, 2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, 565-0871, JAPAN

About CUIJ

The Nuclear Science and Technology Ministerial Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held at headquarters (Vienna) during November 28-30, 2018. Secretary General (Yukiya Amano) emphasized the development support in developing countries and included “development” as a slogan of “IAEA” and “Atoms for peace and development.” Ministerial Declaration incorporating promotion of use in the medical field was compiled.

On the occasion of this Ministerial Conference, the Consortium of Japanese universities and institutions (CUIJ) and the IAEA signed a practical arrangement with a view to strengthening collaboration in human resource development in the field of nuclear medicine. The signing ceremony was held at the IAEA headquarters on 29th Nov, 2018. This agreement is to collaborate in human resources development for nuclear medicine from developing countries in the consortium (a total of 11 institutions).

In the statement as the representative of the government of Japan, Mr. Kiyoto Tsuji, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, introduced this cooperation between the CUIJ and the IAEA, emphasizing the importance of further strengthening partnerships between the IAEA and the private sectors, development agencies, universities and research institutes, and stressed that such collaborations would put nuclear science technology research and development into practical use, and would bring about positive socioeconomic impact in a sustainable manner.

Under the agreement between the Graduate School of Medicine / Osaka University Hospital and IAEA concluded in May 2016, numerous nuclear medicine training programs and international workshops were hosted. These achievements are highly appreciated in IAEA, and lead to the collaboration as a consortium to cooperate in human resources development in developing countries. Such a large framework agreement is the first case for the IAEA and great expectations are being received to expand for the development in other fields.

1. About CUIJ: signing ceremony

(29 Nov 2018, at the IAEA Headquarter Office)

2. About CUIJ: Aim

Scope of Cooperation –

  • Collaboration in the training of nuclear medicine professionals
  • Collaboration in the organization of meetings and workshops on clinical nuclear medicine practice and related research
  • Provision of technical expertise and support from the Universities to the IAEA and its Member States for the development of capacity building concerning clinical applications in nuclear medicine
  • Exchange of data of mutual interest and relevance