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Oncology Imaging

Glucose metabolism imaging by FDG-PET is widely used in cancer diagnostics, but false positive finding in inflammatory tissues is a problem. In preclinical studies using animal models, it was shown that amino acid PET probes (F-18 FBPA and C-11 methionine), unlike FDG-PET, are less likely to accumulate on inflammation. 1)
In prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) PET, physiological accumulation can be reduced in the salivary glands by optimizing the PSMA-ligand concentration, while maintaining tumor accumulation. The salivary glands are risk organs in the treatment of α-ray nuclide actinium (Ac-225) - PSMA therapy, and our study showed a new concept of reducing side effects in alpha therapy targeting PSMA. 2)
In hypoxic areas within tumors, which are reported to be resistant to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, tumor blood flow was decreased and oxygen extraction fraction tended to increase. 3)

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