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Message for students and visitors

Our department is performing diagnostic research which evaluates human biological functions and metabolism and clarifies various pathological conditions such as central nervous system diseases, malignant tumors, and cardiovascular diseases. For example, the use of highly sensitive PET for cancers enable the detection of recurrent lesions which could not be diagnosed with conventional CT or MRI, and led to appropriate treatment decisions for patients. We also perform basic research, including brain function image analysis, pharmacokinetic analysis, development of imaging equipment, and new probe labeling.

More recently, we have been working on nuclear medicine treatment of intractable cancer using α-ray nuclides. Osaka University has a medium- to large-sized cyclotron (Nuclear Physics Research Center) on the same campus, and preparations for physician-initiated clinical trials are ongoing for the clinical application of α-ray nuclide astatine (At-211).

Osaka University is well-equipped with radioisotopes and radiation-related equipment and human resources, and is a world-class nuclear medicine research center. Please come to the our department to join our latest research from PET diagnosis to targeted alpha therapy.


Tel: +81-6-6879-3461