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  1. Kimura Y, Kitagawa K, Oku N, Kajimoto K, Kato H, Tanaka M, Sakaguchi M, Hougaku H, Sakoda S, Hatazawa J. Hemodynamic influences of azelnidipine, a novel calcium channel blocker, on cerebral circulation in hypertensive patients with ischemic white matter lesions. Hypertens Res. 31:2147-2154, 2008.
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  16. Kato H, Shimosegawa E, Oku N, Kimura Y, Kajimoto K, Tanaka M, Hori M, Kitagawa K, Hatazawa J. Cerebral hemodynamics and oxygen metabolism in patients with moyamoya syndrome associated with atherosclerotic steno-occlusive arterial lesions. Cerebrovasc Dis. 26:9-15, 2008.
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