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Professor : Keiji UedaEbora endemic has been devastating us and in Japan we have shrunk from just Dengue fever. As such, we human beings have been bothered by viral infections since ancient.

What are viruses? Thinking from their structure, they are just complexes of proteins and nucleic acids, which cannot do anything by itself. However, once they enter appropriate cells, they work as a machine to express their genes and replicate their genomes and soon or later, their daughters that are totally the same come out of cells. Some viral episomes stealth in cells as a part of the host genomes. How can they achieve such mysterious strategies? How mysterious they are?? How accurate and precise they are??

"So much Knowledge, So few Antivirals" means that we have not reached to catch the bottle neck of viruses. We have been struggling against them to confer and control. Can we reach the day to disclose their strategies completely and control and/or eradicate the viral infections.

Division of Virology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Professor Keiji Ueda

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