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Center for Medical Research and Education

The Center for Medical Research and Education was established to support collaborative use of advanced equipment for life science. Academic and technical staff members proactively provide technical support for research and student education.
A service for the creation of animal models via genome editing technologies is included.

Genome Editing Center

Genome Editing Research and Development (R&D) Center The center was founded in 2016 to support scientists using and developing genome editing tools. The center has been divided into different departments responsible for different tasks. The Research Support Core Facility screens genomically edited cells, and the Animal Models Core Facility creates model animals using genome editing techniques in collaboration with the Reproductive Engineering Unit in the Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences.


Center for Twin Research

This Center is the first research institution in Japan to specialize in twin research.Partnering with leading twin research institutions in Japan and around the world, it aims to advance the field of preventive medicine-the paramount of medical research-through precise analyses of environmental factors.We conduct innovative research in multidisciplinary approaches,in collaboration with education, behavioral science, psychology, and social sciences.

Medical Imaging Center for Translational Research

Equipped with a cyclotron, radiotracer synthesis equipment, a facility for raising animals, and animal Positron Emission Tomography (PET) cameras, this Center is capable of imaging of molecular behavior inside the living bodies of disease model animals and genetically modified animals and analyzing medical conditions at a molecular level. It also researches basic molecular imaging technologies such as those used in pharmacokinetics of candidate compounds in new drug development and pharmacometerics.

The Center of Medical Innovation and Translational Research (CoMIT)

This is an R&D facility based on industry-academy-government alliance aiming to develop advanced medical technologies and innovative new medicines through the fusing of research from across differing fields. The primary research fields of the CoMIT are immunology and regenerative medicine, in which Osaka University has played a leading role, and the integration of these two fields. This center aims to promote open innovation and accelerate industrialization of research results while deepening cooperation with diverse companies and institutions both on and off campus.

Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences

This Institute manages animal experimentation in compliance with international guidelines on use of lab animals. It supports advanced medical research in areas including generation of genetically modified animals through genome editing, breeding a wide range of disease model animals, and elucidation of the mechanism and development of the therapeutic strategy for intractable disieases.

Osaka University Hospital

*First-time visitors to Osaka University Hospital must have a referral from a physician.
  • Consultation times: First visit 8:30 am to 11:00 am / Revisit 8:30 am to 11:30 am
  • Revisit with appointment 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • Non-consulation days Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays New Year’s Holidays: Dec. 29 to Jan. 3
  • Number of beds 1,086

Guide for Visitors

Department of MedicineCardiovascular Medicine/ Nephrology/ Gastroenterology and Hepatology/ Metabolic Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine/ Clinical Immunology/ Hematology and Oncology/ Geriatrics and Hypertension/ Kampo Medicine/General Medicine
Department of SurgeryCardiovascular Surgery/ General Thoracic Surgery/ Gastroenterological Surgery/ Breast and Endocrine Surgery/ Pediatric Surgery/ Department of Diagnostic Pathology
Department of Sensory,Cutaneous and Motor Organ MedicineOphthalmology/ Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery/ Orthopaedic Surgery/ Dermatology/ Plastic Surgery /Rehabilitation Medicine
Department of Clinical NeuroscienceNeurology and Cerebrovascular Diseases/ Neuropsychiatry/ Neurosurgery/ Anesthesiology
Department of Woman, Child Health and UrologyObstetrics & Gynecology/ Pediatrics/ Urology
Department of RadiologyDiagnostic and Interventional Radiology/ Radiotherapy/ Nuclear Medicine
Unit of DentistryDentistry

Number of patient (2020)

Total Number of Inpatients (Unit: person)299,479
Average Number of Inpatients Per Day (Unit: person)820.5
Total Number of Outpatients (Unit:Person)552,185
Average Number of Outpatients Per Day (Unit: person)2,272.4

Autophagy Center

The center supports both basic and clinical research on autophagy. Studies include the intracellular membrane dynamics and molecular mechanisms of diseased cells.



Icho kaikan

First floorMedical History Museum etc.
Second floorIgaku Shinko Ichokai, Osaka Eye Bank, Restaurant Minerva, Icho Club
Third floor:Hankyu Corporation-Sanwa Bank Hall (capacity 250 persons),Large Meeting Room (capacity 68 persons),Meeting Room B (capacity 42 persons),Meeting Room C (capacity 36 persons),Small Meeting Room (capacity 7 persons)

Tokyo Branch

Center for communication and collection of information in the greater Tokyo area
  • Meeting Room 911 (capacity 18 persons)
  • Meeting Room 912 (capacity 36 persons)
  • Meeting Room 913 (capacity 54 persons)
  • Small Meeting Room (capacity 12 persons)
*Note: A Joint Meeting Room with maximum capacity of 210 persons also is available (at a charge).
  • Address 9F, Nihonbashi Life Science Building, 3-11 Nihonbashihoncho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo