Endowed Chair

Community Medicine

Community medical care revitilization
  • Teaming up with Osaka University Hospital to implement new system reforms for revitilizing community medicine in Senshu area, Osaka
  • Establish training for advanced medical personnel involved in community medical care

Identifying medical issues to revitalize community medicine in Senshu area, Osaka, and developing strategies to train capable and knowledgeable medical personnel

In Japan, as the birthrate rapidly declines and the aging population increases, the disease landscape in the country is expected to change in a way that the current healthcare system cannot cope with and will result in an uneven distribution of regional physicians. The laboratory aims to resolve these issues.

The laboratory’s current members are also teachers in the Osaka University Internal Medicine Clinical Course and are actively engaged in research activities in their respective specialized fields. The members are listed below, followed by the name of their departments:

  • Professor Shizuya Yamashita, Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Associate Professor Shinichi Kiso, Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Assistant Professor Michiko Ichii, Hematology and Oncology
  • Assistant Professor Haruhiko Hirata, Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Immunology
  • Assistant Professor Ryoko Yamada, Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Assistant Professor Sho Yoneda, Metabolism Medicine

In recent years, the healthcare system in Japan has been suffering from a shortage of doctors nationwide, which has become a social problem. This is especially true in the Senshu medical area of Osaka Prefecture, where building an efficient and sustainable healthcare system is a top priority. To this end, Osaka Prefecture formulated a regional plan to restructure the healthcare system in the Senshu area and increase the functionality of public hospitals.

In order to resolve the shortage of doctors in the Senshu area, it will be important to increase the motivation of hospital doctors and improve the work environment. These changes will help revitalize hospitals and transform them into places where doctors would like to work. Currently, the laboratory is consulting with each department at Osaka University in order to share information with doctors dispatched from the university’s community medical science courses in both clinical and academic aspects. Specifically, the laboratory supports medical services (e.g. outpatient care, examinations and night duty, etc.) and offers advice on hospital work. In support of the Senshu area, epidemiological studies, treatment intervention, and examinations are also planned.