Endowed Chair

Cardiology for International Education and Research

Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Treatments
  • Imaging technology for cardiovascular diagnostics
  • Standardizing cardiovascular care
  • Outbound: Globally disseminating Japan cardiovascular therapies and education
  • Inbound: Recruitment of international doctors and students for cardiovascular training

Outbound and Inbound Education: Exposing doctors around the world to Japan cardiovascular care

To enhance global medical care, we aim to train overseas medical practitioners using Japanese-based methods. Our lab is focused on Japanese-style cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment, which is well recognized around the world. Accordingly, we have established an international course, which is generously supported by industry.

We have divided our aims into outbound and inbound aims. Outbound aims are those for which we travel internationally to teach advanced care for complex cardiovascular ailments. Inbound aims are those that invite foreign doctors to Osaka University and other Japanese centers for training. [Image: OutboundMap_2016.jpg]

OutboundMap 2016

The strengths of Japanese-style cardiovascular treatment include the following. First is the excellent diagnostic imaging using CT and MRI. The advanced equipment at Japan provides high-level intravascular imaging. Our research involves enhancing already state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging.

Clinical studies; Calcium assessment with CT and OFDI, CT-MMAR

Another strength is minimally invasive cardiovascular therapy. Such therapy is standard in many countries, but Japan is distinct in its treatment of complex cases that involve obstructed blood vessels. Our visits to foreign countries emphasize instruction on these techniques. In addition, we attend lectures, symposiums, and practical courses to promote our methods.


Our ultimate aim is to elevate the level of cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment worldwide and enhance patient care.