Department of Organ Regulation Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Search for the female lifecycle (pregnancy, aging and cancer)
  • Research on gynecologic cancer, focusing on the aspects from molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology and immunity to clinical outcome.
  • Epidemiologic analysis of cervical cancer and pregnancy
  • Molecular biology and clinical research of the fetal diagnosis and fetal therapy
  • Basic and clinical research on pregnancy, including the embryo, placenta, premature births and hypertensive disorders
  • Development of surgical methods, diagnostics, and devices for obstetrics and gynecology
Professor KIMURA Tadashi
Obstetrics and Gynecology
We have 4 study groups in our department: endocrinology, pathology, perinatology, and immunology. All four groups use molecular biology, cell biology and animal models for their research. The mission of our lab is to develop new cutting edge for diagnosis and treatment in obstetrics and gynecology. We conduct numerous collaborative projects with other departments and companies.

Study of all events from fertilization to childbirth and thereafter for better women’s health

Below is a list of topics about which we have recently published.

  • Ovarian cancer cells metastasis is facilitated by transmitting CD44 to peritoneal mesothelial cells via exosome secretion (Figure. 1) [1]


  • Ovarian and endometrial high-grade serous carcinomas present comparable protein expression profiles [2]
  • SFlt-1, which is associated with hypertensive disorder during pregnancy, has cytotoxic effects at physiological concentrations against cancer cells [3]
  • A new mouse model for immune tolerance prepared by transferring bone marrow cells into placenta [4]
  • Targeting NFkB signaling using a novel IKKβ inhibitor reduces preterm birth caused by inflammation [5]
  • The discovery of a new clinical entity, tumor-related leukocytosis in cervical cancer, which shows resistance to radiation therapy [6]
  • Japanese policy for HPV vaccination varies the HPV infection rate in women widely according to their birth year (Figure. 2) [7]


  • A novel device for cleaning the camera port during laparoscopic surgery [8]

Our studies include basic research using molecular biological techniques, clinical research using large-scale clinical data, epidemiological research using public data, and engineering research that involves the development of instrumentation for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. The topics we cover in our field are wide and include perinatology, gynecologic oncology and general gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, etc.


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