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 The educational objective of the Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University is to educate graduates who will be able to thrive in leading roles, with international perspectives, in the fields of advanced medicine and medical research. The roles of the Medical Education Center are to provide educational curricula for meeting this objective and to graduate into society students who have a sense of mission befitting students of the Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University.
 In the past Osaka University has introduced a variety of innovative educational curricula. It was the first university in Japan to introduce a program of assignment to fundamental medical courses, enabling students to devote themselves to fundamental medical research for a fixed period of time, and in 2009 it established the Medical Scientist Training Program under which students take part in fundamental medical research soon after they enter the Faculty. In clinical training as well, it works to familiarize students with knowledge and skills concerning both advanced medicine and common diseases, through combination of clinical training at the Osaka University Hospital and other core hospitals in the greater Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area. At Osaka University, students can experience the real world of development of advanced medicine and the medicine of the future, both of which are missions of a university hospital, at the same time they interact with the senior doctors who work around the clock to effect this progress. Experiencing cases and treatment techniques that they could not experience at other hospitals, such as organ transplants, regenerative medicine, and international medicine, provides the valuable opportunity to think about what they themselves can and should do to help break new ground on the medicine of the future. Another important topic is the internationalization of education. The School has concluded exchange agreement with universities in Britain, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and Malaysia, and it caries out mutual exchange with these universities in clinical training and fundamental medical research. At the same time, through the Medical Frontier Program it actively accepts exchange students from overseas. In addition, by combining the Medical Education Center, which is responsible for undergraduate education, with the Postgraduate Medical Training Center, responsible for postgraduate education, it has achieved an educational system based on a longer-term perspective.
 Medical education in Japan is in the midst of a massive transformation. The clinical clerkship system in which students take part in examination and treatment by playing roles as members of the medical team in clinical training has firmly taken root. In the near future, an accreditation system for medical education in accordance with international standards will start, and all medical schools will need to adapt to this system. The Medical Education Center will aim to help to advance medical education at Osaka University through making further progress on educational reforms in the future as well.

Extra-curricular Activities

The School of Medicine has extra-curricular activities unique to the faculty in addition to extra-curricular activities common to the university. Sport clubs are active with the goal of going to the competitions, including the West-Japan Medical Student Sports Competition. Non-sport clubs, such as “Meeting for International Medical Services” and “Alternative Medicine” leverage the features of the School of Medicine. Their vigorous activities are showcased in Nakanoshima-sai every fall and during other occasions.

Authorized Groups by the Faculty of Medicine

Osaka University Medical Students Club (Osaka University Medical Student Newsletter)

Non-Sport Clubs (7 clubs)

  • MESS
  • Medical Student Newsletter
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Meeting for International Medical Services
  • Computer Club
  • Meeting for Wakan-Yaku

Sports Clubs (15 clubs)

  • Kendo
  • Soft Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Badminton
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Outdoor
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