Ph.D. students Hamakawa, Kogetsu and Professor Kato’s article was published.

Ph.D. students N.Hamakawa and A.Kogetsu, and Professor Kazuto Kato et al. published a new article. In this paper, we reported on a project called RUDY JAPAN, that is investigating the practice of patient involvement in medical research in the Japanese context. We believe the initial outcomes demonstrate the feasibility and utility of active patient involvement in Japan.

Title:“The practice of active patient involvement in rare disease research using ICT: experiences and lessons from the RUDY JAPAN project”

Published journal : Research Involvement and Engagement

Authors : Nao Hamakawa, Atsushi Kogetsu, Moeko Isono, Chisato Yamasaki, Shirou Manabe, Toshihiro Takeda, Kazumasa Iwamoto, Tomoya Kubota, Joe Barrett, Nathanael Gray, Alison Turner, Harriet Teare, Yukie Imamura, Beverley Anne Yamamoto, Jane Kaye, Michihiro Hide, Masanori P. Takahashi, Yasushi Matsumura, Muhammad Kassim Javaid and Kazuto Kato

Published date : 1 Feb 2021

Link :