Transdisciplinary Program for
Biomedical Entrepreneurship and Innovation


About the Program

Q. What degree will I receive if I successfully complete this program?
A. You will be given the doctoral degree of the graduate school that you belong to. Your doctoral certificate will indicate that you have completed the Transdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Q. Do I need to pass an examination to progress from the current year to the next year?
A. Passing the Qualifying Examination (QE) is compulsory. The QE will be given to 5-year course students at the end of Year 3 and to 4-year course students at the end of Year 2. If you fail the QE, you will be removed from our program. You will be transferred to the conventional doctoral program that your graduate school offers.

Postgraduate Job Opportunities

Q. What kind of job opportunities will graduates of this program have?
A. Students who successfully finish our program will be equipped with the skills and competence to apply research findings to practical problems. Therefore, they will have a variety of career opportunities in the academic, industry, and government sectors. Graduates who obtain positions in the national administration will lead national regulatory science and intellectual property rights strategies, leveraging their ample knowledge and experience in life science R & D. Administrators who find a path to academic faculty positions through government-academia exchange programs will be at the frontline of entrepreneurship and innovation education, giving further momentum to our groundbreaking educational initiative.