Transdisciplinary Program for
Biomedical Entrepreneurship and Innovation

About the Program


Social structures are rapidly evolving because of emerging infectious diseases and other factors. An unprecedented crisis such as the current coronavirus pandemic requires us to implement, review, and update countermeasures quickly. Various innovations are being applied to medicine at a growing speed, contributing to people's quality of life. Innovation creation is one of the hallmarks of Osaka University. Innovation is created in a melting pot of the daily grind of laboratory work, constructive criticism, and support. Innovations often originate from new links formed between otherwise unrelated pieces of information. It is therefore important to attend brainstorming sessions that encourage members to share their ideas and information or have meetups designed to vitalize their participants, if they want to be creative. When research output is applied to practical settings, new challenges will emerge. A research and development ecosystem, in which new challenges arising from breakthroughs are brought back to the laboratory bench for further innovation, should provide an ideal platform for pursuing biomedical research. Our transdisciplinary program with a focus on industry-academia-government partnership will foster, in cooperation with private-sector partners, real innovators who can produce and practically apply excellent research output.

Program Coordinator
Eiichi MORII

Bringing Advanced Biomedical Knowledge to the Real World

Application of advanced biomedical knowledge to real-life situations can improve patients’ quality of life, reduce disease risks, prolong healthy lifespan, and provide other benefits that enrich the health and wellbeing of the local communities. Practical application of new scientific knowledge will lead to new challenges, which will in turn demand a new platform for R & D innovation. This virtuous feedback loop is at the center of thriving innovation ecosystems.

A Diagram of a Thriving R & D Ecosystem


Our doctoral program equips students with critical research skills to achieve world-leading, cutting-edge advances in life science and the competence to translate them into tangible solutions that our society needs. With support from local governments and national and international corporations, our program boasts a unique educational framework. The industry-government-academia collaboration of our program provides a platform that fosters academic insight and skills to analyze the excellence and future prospects of research findings from the viewpoints of intellectual property rights, marketability, regulatory science, and more.

Academic Degree

Students who successfully complete our program will be awarded the Transdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Entrepreneurship and Innovation diploma in addition to a doctoral degree from the graduate school of their choice (Graduate Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Frontier Biosciences).

Organizational Structure of the Program

Students will have opportunities to learn from and interact with experts from global pharmaceutical companies and leading national and international corporations. This program also provides opportunities for corporate internships and overseas study tours.