About the Graduate School


The roots of our free and open school culture and foresight for the future go back to Tekijuku, which is the origin of Osaka University School of Medicine.

Tekijuku is a “Gakujuku” (school) that OGATA Koan (1810-1863), a scholar of western studies, ran for 24 years from 1838 (Tenpo 9) until 1862 (Bunkyu 2). It was closed when he was welcomed as a physician for the Shogun in Edo. During this period, OGATA Koan taught his students Rangaku (western studies) and Medicine. He had developed a number of human assets who contributed to the modernization of Japan from the Bakumatsu (end of Edo era) to the Meiji period, including HASHIMOTO Sanai, OMURA Masujiro, FUKUZAWA Yukichi, NAGAYO Sensai, TAKAMATSU Ryoun, SANO Tsunetami, and OTORI Keisuke. Tekijuku was declared a historic ruin of Osaka in 1940, a historic ruin of Japan in 1941, and an important national cultural asset in 1964. The Agency for Cultural Affairs carried out the dismantling and reassembly work (from 1976 to 1980) to restore the original architecture back to when OGATA Koan was residing. It is now open to the public under the management of Osaka University. Tekijuku is a precious building, passing on its history as a hub for development of Rangaku in Japan and displaying the architectural features of historic townhouses in Kitahama, Osaka.

History of Osaka University

1724 Kaitokudo was founded.
1838 Tekijuku was founded.
1931 Osaka Teikoku University, the sixth school in Japan, was founded and contained the School of Medicine and the School of Science.
1933 The University absorbed the Osaka Institute of Technology and started the School of Engineering.
1942 Tekijyuku, which was designated as a historic ruin, was transferred to Osaka Imperial University.
1945 Kaitokudo burned down during the Air raid in Osaka.
1947 The school was renamed Osaka University.
1949 School reform took place, enjoying a fresh start with the School of Science, the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering, the School of Letters, the School of Law, and the new School of General Arts.
1951 The School of Dentistry was separated from the School of Medicine.
1953 Graduate schools were founded for each field: School of Letters, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Science, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of Medicine.
1955 The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded.
1960 The Graduate School of Dentistry was founded.
1981 The Department of Physical Health was founded.
1993 The School of Allied Health Sciences was founded. Osaka University Hospital was moved from Nakanoshima, Osaka to the Suita campus, completing the merger of the Suita and Toyonaka campuses.
1994 The Osaka School of International Public Policy was founded.
2002 The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology and the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences were founded.
2004 Osaka University became under a system of independent administration.
2007 Osaka University merges with Osaka University of Foreign Studies on Oct.
2009 The United Graduate School of Child Development was founded.
2012 The Institute for Academic Initiatives was set up.
2013 The Center for Information and Neural Networks was founded.