About the Graduate School

Faculty of Medicine original scholarship system funded by donations

The Faculty of Medicine is privileged to receive donations from people and organizations that have a deep understanding of the importance of international exchange focused on education and research. These donations are paid into foundations which are used to fund the international exchange activities of students and researchers.

These activities encompass a broad range of support, including scholarships for international students, travel expenses for our students presenting at overseas conferences, and financial support for young researchers undertaking training abroad.

It is not easy for students and young researchers to devote themselves to overseas research without having to worry about financial concerns. The scholarship system is committed to realizing the donators’ wishes that students and researchers might have opportunities to study abroad and to subsequently make use of their studies to contribute to the development of medicine in the future, and efforts will therefore be made to maximize the potential of donations.

Here, we would like to express our appreciation to many years of generosity from individual and group donators and to introduce the foundations.

Yasufumi Kaneda, Dean, Graduate School of Medicine & Faculty of Medicine

Fujii Foundation for International Medical Exchange

The foundation was founded in 1987 through contributions by the Setsuro Fujii Memorial, The Osaka Foundation for Promotion of Fundamental Medical Research, which was established by Dr. Setsuro Fujii using funds received from patents based on his research achievements. It was his wish that these funds could be used to promote both basic and clinical research in pathological medical science and to support researchers, especially those in the younger generation.

The Fujii Foundation for International Medical Exchange, established to ensure that the Dr. Fujii’s wishes continued to be honored, has been used to fund scholarships for international students from China and developing countries who would like to study at the Faculty of Medicine of Osaka University.

Shinya Foundation for International Exchange

This foundation was established in 1992 through contributions from Mr. Taro Shinya. It is aimed at promoting the international exchange activities of our Faculty and Graduate School and supporting medical researchers of the new generation. The foundation has been used to fund scholarships for international students and grants for young medical researchers enrolled in Osaka University to conduct research abroad.

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Kishimoto Foundation for International Exchange

This foundation was established in 1998 through contributions from Professor Emeritus Tadamitsu Kishimoto, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and former President of Osaka University. With the purpose of promoting the international exchange of our Faculty students and educating doctors and medical scientists with a strong international perspective, the fund has been supporting our medical students to attend training courses held at medical institutions abroad and overseas conferences.