About the Graduate School

Message from the Dean

M.D., Ph.D.

Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine has its roots in Tekijuku, a group of highly motivated, excellent young scholars who gathered from across Japan to follow Ogata Koan. In addition to receiving teachings from their master, they also worked together to improve their skills in the spirit of friendly competition. Today’s Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine is continuing this Tekijuku spirit and our mission is to develop individuals who not only study the latest medical science and treatments but who will also pioneer and produce the medical science and treatments of tomorrow. While many new pharmaceuticals and medical procedures have been released into the world, there are still many diseases for which the causes are unknown and which have no treatments, and a large number of patients and their families around the world are suffering. It is important that in their studies, students understand this and take it to heart, so that they begin to consider questions such as “Why does this disease occur?” and “Isn’t there some way we can treat it?” on a daily basis and adopt an approach in which they are always wondering “Why?” In research activities, they should aim to carry out solid research that reveals the true causes and pathology of a disease through basic research focused on the essential substance of a vital phenomenon and clinical research that further develops this new basic research. The results of this will generate research that takes the next step.


At each juncture of life, people make the most important decisions based on their dreams. The same is true of medicine. There is a saying that, “One day with a great teacher is worth more than 1,000 days of study.” The teaching staff of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine contains many people who students can aspire to be like and who can act as role models for the future. Students are also surrounded by classmates who will lead the medical world in years to come. Even after entering the school, unless they stay alert to their surroundings, students could end up simply following the path laid out. They will meet lifelong teachers and colleagues in their research and academic activities, and we want them to find the courage to really engage with these circles. We hope that they will take the initiative to improve themselves so that one day, they will make great leaps forward as practical physicians who can save patients suffering from intractable diseases or as medical researchers whose research activities drive the global medical circles forward.


In modern times, the university cannot exist in a vacuum separate from society. It is crucial that we are evaluated by and receive support from society in general. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the local community and general public for the support and understanding they show the Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine every day, and to ask for continued support for our daily activities as we pursue medical science and treatments with the aim of using the fruits of this research to give back to society.